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Fitted a proper front grille today, instead of the heating radiator that has adorned the UMM for a few years. That looks more like it!  Thanks to Ricardo for supplying this.

The other task I have been doing is to sort out a burned out section in the wiring. I was getting a smell of burning insulation, and so I had to investigate. I found that the main positive wire from the alternator had melted it’s insulation, right through the wiring loom!  The wiring on an UMM is simple, but running the main un-fused positive wires through the wiring harness is not a good idea. I will be replacing this wire and re-routing it. The positive feeds to the rest of the systems will be protected by a new fuse that I will fit.

The wiring is in a poor state. Someone in the past has cut through most of the cables and then reconnected them with terminal blocks. Why?  I don’t know. All of this will have to be rectified.

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