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The gearbox installation is now complete.  The last things to do were to clean and install the selector linkage, fit the starter motor, rear propshaft, and install and bleed the clutch slave cylinder.

I found the easy way to bleed the clutch. The reservoir is filled, and then the bleed nipple is loosened. The clutch lever is then operated from the gearbox end, using a suitable lever. This forces fluid and air out of the bleed nipple. Then the bleed nipple is closed and the clutch lever is allowed to spring back. This draws fluid from the reservoir. After a couple of repeats of this process, all of the air has come out of the bleed nipple, and the clutch is nice and hard.

Obviously, this would be difficult with the floor in, but maybe possible.

The front propshaft was quite corroded, and so it has gone in the electrolytic bath for rust removal. I will post pictures of the finished propshaft after treatment.





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