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While I am waiting for the new universal joint kits to arrive, I thought it would be interesting to dismantle the old transfer box to see if it could be repaired.

I soon found the damage.  The rear output shaft bearing has broken into pieces.

Here is the roller bearing cage and a couple of the rollers that I recovered from the housing.  The other bits of the cage had spread into the box.  They don’t seem to have damaged the chain or gears, which is good.

Unfortunately, though, the outer bearing race had been rotating in the housing, wearing it to a sloppy size.

This outer bearing race should be a good push fit in the housing, but it fell out easily.  That makes the housing scrap, because even if a new bearing were to be fitted, the extra clearance would not be any good for alignment.

So the transfer box might as well be scrapped, as I cannot see any need to keep it for spares.

It is just as well that I decided to buy the newer transfer box off Ricardo.

This fault with the transfer box is why the UMM was taken off the road 5 or so years ago by Gregor. I guess it was caused by running in 4 wheel drive on tarmac.  That does put an awful lot of strain on the transfer box.  So now I have identified and rectified the original fault.


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