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I haven’t been able to work on the UMM for a couple of weeks, due to one thing or another.  Today, though was a big step forward, as the rear door is now fitted.  A little bit of adjustment is still required, but it will be fine.  Now the car is almost weatherproof for the first time in years.

As can be seen, I decided to delete the rear door mounted spare wheel carrier.  Having the spare wheel on the door makes the door assembly really heavy, putting strain on the hinges, and making it difficult to open and close. It also restricts rear vision.  As this is a long wheelbase version, I can find another place to stow the wheel. Underneath, or inside the body.

The door colour is the final coat, and the rest of the body will be this colour eventually, with a lighter roof colour.

The other news is that I have bought a recently reconditioned cylinder head for the UMM. This was from a Peugeot 505 originally. A set of reconditioned injectors also came with it.  This will come in useful too.

Next job is to finish off the alignment of the rear door and fit the door catch on the inside.