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Quite a bit of work on the Alter II recently after I dragged it out of its summer hibernation ready for a winter on the moors and hauling things around!

  • rear brakes rebuilt
  • all but one of the glow plugs recently died so replaced those with a set of NGK 3473 Y-924J, now starts as it used to within milliseconds of the key being turned after the plug light goes out.
  • rusty spots on the side flanks have been cut out and new patches welded in
  • leaky governor seal ontop of the diesel pump has been replaced by City Auto Diesel in Plymouth
  • heater circuit (the blue box) had the armature sitting a bit wonky and was just buzzing rather than activating the heating circuit, some judicious bending and wobbling by Lance (with the red transcat) had it going again!
  • fan belts all tightened up after a lot of squealing!
  • cab heater switch stripped and contacts re-bent

As a note… this is the first time UMM has been leak free! No diesel, oil or transmission or axle oil anywhere beneath him! (and yes, he does have some in him 😉

Also recently popped over to help with the Transcat on the other side of town, the front braking system is being rebuilt at the moment and at the same time as helping I got my heater plug problem properly diagnosed!