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Before you chuck it put it to one side! You may have to get it reconditioned, please note that it has a NINE tooth pinion and must not be replaced with anything else.

The part number if you can find one is:

Transcat (included for any owners doing a search in the future!)
Paris Rhone – D8E57 or D11E156 (original fitment)

Alter II
Paris Rhone – D11E195 or DSR10516D2 (original fitment)
Hella – CS128 (replacement)
LUCAS – LRS 331(replacement)

Starter motors fitted to Peugeot 504 & 505 cars that could also fit include:
Ducellier – 6109 or 6207
Bosch – JF2KW or 001362045
Paris Rhone – D11E126 or D11E142 or D11E156 or D11E179

This info I liberated from one of the old UMM Club alternative parts guides PDF – should be available on this site somewhere together with a bunch of old magazines scanned in as PDF – some of the early ones were really good with technical info and suggestions.. also an interesting read when these vehicles were available in period.

Good luck and let us know how you get on!



ps. I can’t see Filipe list one on his website but might be worth dropping him an email: ( – he’s been pretty helpful with getting parts for mine.