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    Hi all, Im new to this site and posted my Umm in the wrong place so I thought I should change it (stupid me). As you can see my Umms not quite standard its something Ive been doing bits to for a long time when I get time. Ive got a broken arm at the moment so when I get it out of the cast I will take some more pictures for those who are interested.
    It<code>s great to to see plenty of people still have UMM</code>s and still using and looking after them.
    A small list of things I
    ve done to mine-
    Spring over axle, D-flex shackles, Rear disc conversion, extended shocks, braided hoses.
    33×12.5×15 on 15×10 steel offset rims giving 200mm wider wheel base.
    Full external roll cage, front and rear whinches, high level stainless exhaust.
    Body cut down to king cab, full tank and batteries behind seats.
    Land rover disco pedal box using land rover brake and clutch masters.
    Range rover steering box.
    Land rover 300tdi radiator, oil cooler.
    Bigger front mounted intercooler.
    Bailey Morris wide angle props front/rear.
    Its probably not to everyones taste but I like the old girl, if your ever in the norfolk area Ill love to see your truck and you can poke fun at mine.



    That’s awesome! Would love an Alter like that, excellent!

    Very interested in pictures of the suspension setup and props.

    Do you notice a difference with the bigger intercooler? That is something I have been considering – I think Allisport who make stuff for LRs would make a bigger one to suit.

    hope the arm heals soon,



    I got the intercooler from a motorsport company from yarmouth,I needed one with exit points on both sides and was big anough to go across the new rad this is 600x150x65 and fits perfect, nicely behind front grill. Theres plenty of intercoolers on the net you need to find one which will fit where you want it to. Alisport are the best out there all depends on your budget. The colder you can get the air going in the better so a big intercooler is always better which means the air is denser and you can get more fuel in which increases the horse power. Not sure if you can add photo`s to this reply so I have to start a new topic.


    Ahh nice one, you can put more pictures on a post if you hit the reply button in the bottom right of the forum rather than the submit quick reply thats on the left.

    Looking forward to more pictures!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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