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Not too much progress in the last week. Mainly because of the weather, and other things to do.  I did some refurbishment work on the door mirror and arm though. All the paint and oxidation was cleaned from the arm with a wire brush, and then a coat of Hammerite Special primer was applied. After this was dry, the arm was dipped into Black Hammerite Smooth, and allowed to drip dry.

The mirror was also cleaned and a coat of clear varnish applied.

Another job this week was to replace the seals on my Epco trolley jack. I have had this many years now, and it has started leaking oil. The seal kits are still available and so it was stripped down and cleaned, while the seal kit was ordered. Once it arrived, the seals were changed and it was reassembled. This jack will soon be used on the UMM for many jobs, and so it was a good idea to fix it.

The small plunger on the right is the one that is moved by pumping the jack handle, and the large piston on the left, is attached to the lifting arm.