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Today’s job was to reassemble the front propshaft.  The new universal joint kits arrived yesterday.  They are genuine Hardy Spicer HS166 units.  I found these on ebay, being sold in the USA.  Still the cost of the two plus shipping was only about £25. Funny to think that these were made about 10 miles from where I live, and have made the round trip to America and back.

I had painted the propshaft, after rust removal, and so the joints were fitted and grease added. So here is a sequence of the stages in the process and the finished propshaft.

Firstly, the prop was put in the electrolytic bath, as I mentioned previously. That removed all the rust over a couple of days.

After wire brushing, the prop was disassembled.  Then painted with a coat of red oxide and a finish of hammerite black.


Finished article.

The other news was the door I had ordered from Portugal has arrived.  This will now be prepped and painted, ready to be fitted. Thanks to Jorge at UMMonline4x4


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