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Today, the painting preparation continued. In order to paint the rear panels, I needed to remove the rear door. I thought I would take the opportunity to change the hinges and hinge pins on the door, as I already had the parts.

That was a tough job!  I removed the old hinges using a disc cutter, as I knew that the old roll pins were not goung to be easy to get out. Then I put the hinge in the vice and started to press the new roll pin into it. It was a very tight fit, and I needed to use a length of pipe on the vice handle to get enough force to press it in. Not recommended, even if you have a strong vice, as I do. Eventually the first one went in, but I had bent the vice! I was able to remove the vice from the bench and dismantle it. A bit of grinding on the runners, and it was working again.  I pressed in the second roll-pin a bit easier, and that was that. It’s a job that I wouldn’t want to do again without a press.