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I had been looking for some suitable seats to replace the UMM ones.  I chucked the driver’s side some time ago, as it was beyond any repair. The passenger side isn’t too bad, but it is better if they match, so I was looking for two seats ideally.

I found someone on ebay who had a P38 Range rover seat, and some extra bits. The bidding started at £5, so I put on a bid, thinking that if the seat was cheap enough, it would enable me to try out if theses seats could be adapted to the UMM.  As it turned out, mine was the only bid, so £5 was the winning bid!  Bargain.

I went to fetch my purchase, and found that there was a second front seat in bits, and a rear seat too. I just took the two front seats.

And here is the seat installed in the UMM. It had a lot of motors and mechanism in the base, which I removed. Then it was just a case of welding the base frame to a square tube that was drilled to suit the UMM seat runners.