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The rear door is now removed and so I will be looking for a replacement. Ideally, I’d like to get a standard UMM Alter door in good condition. Otherwise, I may be able to make one up out of the pick-up rear door that I had from Simon plus the top half of the land rover door.

Before any of that happens though, some repairs are needed to the rear panels. The door hinges were partially seized, which had caused the metal to tear. The spreader plate was also not fitted, which doesn’t help. The upper hinge area had been welded before, but not very well. So all this will be cut out and replaced. Once this is done, the new door will have a chance of operating properly.

At the same time, I was thinking of moving the rear lamp position upwards. This would put the rear of the lamp units in the inside face of the rear panel, rather than being placed where mud can collect around them. This would be similar to the arrangement on the Transcat shown in the third picture.
So that will be the first job of many on the bodywork.