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And all mine,

Clutch stuck, brakes very poor, won’t start on the key but goes with a tow, solenoid heard to operate so until I can get a day spare I’m assuming the battery is goosed. Big lump missing from the exhaust, would it have had a cat? Vitrually no rot and some strange framework on the under side that I presume was a mounting for a jib/specs lift.

More pictures to follow when my membership is completed.

Oh and, Greetings from Huntingdon, soon to be new member here!!!

Quote from fritz on March 15, 2014, 13:23
Seen this for sale via eBay…

I am certain that I saw it for sale on ebay 3 years ago too (I tried to buy it then but it had already sold!), it was a tow vehicle for a garage around reading somewhere at the time, they had had it from new.×4-Pick-Up-Off-Road-or-Park-Vehicle-/231179667129?pt=Automobiles_UK&hash=item35d361c6b9

No Tax


Low Mileage for age

Runs and Drives well

Manual only one service history stamp 1994

Any inspection Welcome

Buy It Now £1,000 or Best Offer

Phone Paul 07831 275758