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Where did you get a gaiter pack from? My gear lever one has split..

Also – when you bleed the clutch you want to be doing it from the bottom up. Ie. from the clutch slave. I presume you have cut the inspection hatch into lower part of the angled panel to the right of the heater (to the left of your legs)? You need to do that to get to the clutch slave then make a bleeder out of an oil pump pot and a length of clear tube, then open the nipple on the clutch slave and pump from the bottom of the system to the top. Obviously make sure it doesnt pour out of the top. I usually start from a dry system..

Snorkel kit – probably have to make your own. Rubber flare arches I would try the flexible ones that you can get for defenders.

For lining material I would suggest megavanmats who do an ultra stretch material – used lots for vw vans and the like.

Mine is always fine on emissions though I know Lance always used to drop a can of diesel redex into his before the test and take it for a good motorway blast!

Have to do the brakes soon on mine, do you know what discs and pads to get??