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The Alter has been an absolute beast towing our boat across the country and standing up to quite a lot of abuse with not really a lot of maintainance recently… time to give it a little love!

Sent the handbrake cables off to Speedy Cables to be remanufactured (before I found that Pecas did them new for half the price… doh!)

Just ordered a bundle of spares from Pecas UMM Parts in Portugal.

Front discs & pads
Water pump
Gear stick & transfer lever gaters
Clutch kit
Door open limiters
Leaf spring bushes

…. and most interestingly a rear disc brake conversion (uses the standard hand brake cables) for €215. I’ll report back on the conversion!

They write in excellent english and have been great at replying with quotes and information about parts.

The contact there is:

Filipe Cardoso

962 598 598 / 911 049 495

I’m probably going to need new shock absorbers soon… x 8!! Whose are you running? I’m thinking about popping up to Devon 4×4 and seeing what they have on the shelf that is suitable.. I’ll be doing a 2” lift with the modified shackles that Damo kindly sent me..