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    Alter II Turbo Van

    Registered 1995

    29,156 miles.

    I bought this earlier in the year from an old club member, it has been sat on his farm for years.

    Aparently he got fed up of waiting for parts to arrive for the UMM and bought a Land Rover instead. When I found it it was knee deep in grass and covered in moss. The clutch master cylinder had been removed as well as the power steering pump, I’m not sure if these had been removed to keep his other Alter running or if they were the reason it was parked up. The rear springs had also collapsed, and the fronts were sagging.

    Since buying it I have cleaned it up and touched up some of the serface rust on the body, (mainly so I was allowed to keep it on the drive!) it looks okay but it’s not the best job.  I have also swapped both axles for ones with good springs fitted, it was easier just to change the axles for ones with better springs and brakes.

    The engine turns over fine but I haven’t had it running, I did try the diesel primer pump but there was no pressure so I assume the fuel lines have all perished, the tank is almost full of diesel but it will have gone off. The tyres are the originals fitted from new, they are all cracked but still hold air.

    The brakes are free so it rolls easily but they will need a full inspection and service, it will need also need new rubber hoses, they had all perished so I cut them to replace the axles.

    The body is pretty good, it is rusty in some of the usual places but very good in other areas. The wheel arches all look good under the plastic trims and the rear inner arches are solid. The main areas than will need repair are the rear chassis crossmember and the drivers side floor. There are some small holes in the front inner wings but there aren’t too bad. The rear door is in good condition but has been removed as the bottom hinge seized causing the metal on the body to crack around it.

    I was planning to prepare this for off road trials but I have just bought an Auverland A3 so I’m going to use that instead.

    Please contact me for further details. I live in Carlisle, Cumbria.

    I’m asking £995 for it, I think it’s worth that even in parts.

    As far as I know there is nothing missing from the car now, I have a power steering pump and clutch master cylinder to go with it.

    It also comes with the original service book, jack, warning triangle, two spare wheels and magnetic signs from when it was a SMC demonstrator.






    Hi Simon

    Did the Alter sell ?. I’m after something with power steering as my Trans cat is just to heavy on the steering for me when driving at slow speed . Due to another op on my arm .

    Regards Chris


    Hi Chris,

    The Alter has been sold sorry.


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