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    Hi guys! I’ve got a 1985 UMM 4×4 (UMM A11 BOL).

    I restore everything. It works great, but I’d like to have more power and convert it in a petrol car. Do you know what brand/model of engine could be fitted in such a frame/chassis. I could consider to buy a new drivetrain if it’s neeeded, I’d love to have an automatic shifting. The original version came with hard top and 8 seats. Now it’s a kind of pickup truck. I still have everything in my garage (hardtop and seats). I’d like to fit a less stinky engine with less vibrations and more power. I know purists could be upset by my request, but I think that this car could be more than this. I read somewhere (portuguese FORUMM) that someone fitted a Toyota Hilux engine. I love this ugly monster, my beloved father bouth it in 1991, since then, we’ve been taking care of it. I’m a bicycle mechanic and organize mountain bike tours all over Ogliastra, Sardinia (ITALY), I need to transfer people more quickly… Thanks for your attention guys !!! UMMs rule !!!


    Hi, did you find a suitable engine? I’m looking to swap out mine also..

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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