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    hello folks
    i am a bloody froggy, married to an afrikaans lady, and we just bought a fantastic umm 2.5 d 8 seats.
    we have to travel to greece asap.
    But i have a few little problems
    1) i need a steering gear (mine leaks), , if i am not confuse, it is a gemmer NTC 1583. But some time it is documented as NTC 1583E (are they identical). So i am loking for defender stuff, and i found a very good price, but it is a 1582R.
    does it means it is a right hand car drive???? which will not fit to me french car?
    otherwise i found mapco 29603, could it be a good idea ??????
    what is your point of view?

    2) rear dif, which start to sing after 3 hours high way, weary me. It is a dana 44, so the question is, do you have a good price for a complete one in england and how much will it cost?

    Thanks for the answer

    beers and cheers pp

    1. A defender box will not fit onto an UMM – I have tried this!

    – I had mine reconditioned, is there somewhere close to you that can do it? I had a local power steering company in Callington, Cornwall that did the work for me.

    2. you should be able to get hold of the parts fairly easily from any Jeep supplier and rebuild it yourself, or a gearbox/drivetrain company will do the same for you.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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