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This site is dedicated to all things UMM related. Permission has been granted by the manufacturing company (UMM Portugal) to publish the works manuals, however NO warranty is given or inferred by either party.

Part of this site is made exclusively available to UMM Owners Club (UK) members.

Membership of the UMM Owners Club (UK) is still only £ 8 per annum. If you wish to use all the facilities available on this site then please email Graham Potter at umm.newsletter@gmail.com
Current members of the UMM Owners Club can register themselves on this site and after membership is checked, they will be added to the Membership Group and have access to special forums and the Magazines.

For comments, feedback, suggestions and questions you can use alter.umm@gmail.com. Also use this e-mail address to inform us that you are a current UMM Owners Club (UK) member so we can add you to the appropriate group.

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