Online shop for Parts

Hello everyone, This is my site for new and used parts for UMM. I Use carrier of Portugal across Europe up to 50 kg. For more information, visit Google translation of my online shop I have many parts that are not advertised. Jorge Here are shipping costs from Portugal to UK (click the image)

Fritz’s Alter II

Fritz thinks his Alter II is fairly well together at the moment. ¬†Winch now has its new wire spooled on and the lower corner of the grill cut out for the spooling lever. well….. what do you think?

How the newsletter got its name

There were several suggestions, but the one that really stood out (at least for me) was “The Ultimate Motoring Magazine” which was supplied by Darren Willey. The runner up was “UMMbilical – Keeping You In Touch” from Geoff Kay. The other suggestion was “The Seriously Ugly Car Club”, which I decided to ignore! So, with … Read more