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    UMM Alter II

    A SWB station wagon with the 2.5Tdi, rear bench seats, beige trim and brown cord “luxury” carpets. I bought this from Brian at Country Vehicles of Silverton the UMM parts dealer in late summer 2011.

    It had obviously been well looked after with a respray in the original metallic green, a fair bit of new metal in the rear floors and front arches, rear LED integrated tail / brake / indicator lights

    Silverton where Country Vehicles is based is just the other side of the county from me so just an hour on the dual carriageway and then a few country lanes, as soon as I got it home the first time the steering box gave up the ghost and left its fluid all over the road! The next day saw me back up at country vehicles for another secondhand replacement which was much tighter to drive with and only a couple of drips from the bottom seal.

    Here’s a couple of pic’s of it soon after I got it and one if it poking its bum out of the Country Vehicles Shed..


    In the first year it had a
    – new set of tyres, some chunky mud terrains instead of the ancient and small flexing set of all terrains that it came with
    – a new radiator after the old one was found to have a tiny split that was leaking almost imperceptibly into the fan case
    – an oil change and all the fluids changed, brake, power steering, oils in axles & gearbox.
    – some copper seal to stop a slightly leaky core plug
    – a new diesel filter and primer unit as it was hard to start and turned out to be sucking air in through one of the unions on the primer unit.

    here’s a couple of pictures of the tyres, in the front on view the old tyre is on the left, the new mud terrain on the right.. the dog is charlie.


    Last year it had
    – some much needed soundproofing in the rear tub, transmission cover, front floors, this is made by Dynamat/Dynaliner and is pricey but has made a noticeable difference – especially on the motorway.
    – stainless short side exit exhaust made by the original stainless supplier to UMM uk, Double S, just up the road in Cullumpton!
    – Warn 9.5XP Winch in a custom made tray that sits in-between the two front chassis rails which is more than capable of hauling it out of any sticky situation. The switch units are made by Carling and I got them from Devon 4×4.
    – steering box rebuilt with new seals – done by a company in callington, cornwall, very good!



    The Alter has been an absolute beast towing our boat across the country and standing up to quite a lot of abuse with not really a lot of maintainance recently… time to give it a little love!

    Sent the handbrake cables off to Speedy Cables to be remanufactured (before I found that Pecas did them new for half the price… doh!)

    Just ordered a bundle of spares from Pecas UMM Parts in Portugal.

    Front discs & pads
    Water pump
    Gear stick & transfer lever gaters
    Clutch kit
    Door open limiters
    Leaf spring bushes

    …. and most interestingly a rear disc brake conversion (uses the standard hand brake cables) for €215. I’ll report back on the conversion!

    They write in excellent english and have been great at replying with quotes and information about parts.

    The contact there is:

    Filipe Cardoso

    962 598 598 / 911 049 495

    I’m probably going to need new shock absorbers soon… x 8!! Whose are you running? I’m thinking about popping up to Devon 4×4 and seeing what they have on the shelf that is suitable.. I’ll be doing a 2” lift with the modified shackles that Damo kindly sent me..



    Hi fritz, remember that when you lift it the steering won’t
    Self centre as quick because you are changing the caster
    angle a bit. The rear disc conversion will be interesting to see
    I did mine using ford seirra 4×4 calipers with Suzuki sj discs and
    the umm cables went straight on the only thing was I had to change
    the short cable for a long one.


    My rear disc conversion


    ahh.. instead of going for the “quick reply button” go a little further down to the faded green “reply” button – it’s next to the subscribe and RSS feed buttons. That’ll let you do a normal reply and load 3 pictures at a time.


    Roger that, not that good when it comes to computers good at welding things togther.


    Quite a bit of work on the Alter II recently after I dragged it out of its summer hibernation ready for a winter on the moors and hauling things around!

    • rear brakes rebuilt
    • all but one of the glow plugs recently died so replaced those with a set of NGK 3473 Y-924J, now starts as it used to within milliseconds of the key being turned after the plug light goes out.
    • rusty spots on the side flanks have been cut out and new patches welded in
    • leaky governor seal ontop of the diesel pump has been replaced by City Auto Diesel in Plymouth
    • heater circuit (the blue box) had the armature sitting a bit wonky and was just buzzing rather than activating the heating circuit, some judicious bending and wobbling by Lance (with the red transcat) had it going again!
    • fan belts all tightened up after a lot of squealing!
    • cab heater switch stripped and contacts re-bent

    As a note… this is the first time UMM has been leak free! No diesel, oil or transmission or axle oil anywhere beneath him! (and yes, he does have some in him 😉

    Also recently popped over to help with the Transcat on the other side of town, the front braking system is being rebuilt at the moment and at the same time as helping I got my heater plug problem properly diagnosed!


    Also a brilliant christmas present from Lance, Emma & the Transcat….

    A Peugeot Diesel Engine (504 / 505) Haynes Manual! I’ve been looking for one of these for a while so a gift of a spare they had is a great one! Gradually devouring all the extra information within this.


    Also a day greenlaning with the gang who are based here in Plymouth… so many good lanes, I was knackered after the day out from concentration and manhandling the Alter II around the place! The river crossing was also quite fun… if a bit worrying with the amount I was getting pushed to one side!

    A little video here by one of the lads:

    Check out the UMM action at: 3:26 & 5:10

    Gloriously converting diesel to noise & off road prowess.


    And a few more pictures of the lanes around the Tavistock area, South West of Dartmoor.


    Hi guy can anyone please help me i got a umm van mint condition d reg full mot only 48000miles can any one please tell me what its worth

    Quote from Nelson123 on August 3, 2016, 10:14
    Hi guy can anyone please help me i got a umm van mint condition d reg full mot only 48000miles can any one please tell me what its worth

    Hello Nelson,

    Please send me a PM with the details in – or I will send you my email on there.



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