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    does anyone know whether an overdrive exists for the early transcat transfer box? if so, what model fits and where I might find one? At the moment my transcat with 2.3 non turbo diesel is pretty much limited to 55mph flat out, and it would be nice to have longer legs.



    Well the transfer case in the Transcat ( we have one here in the Falklands) is a Spicer T18 as used in Jeeps like the CJ-5 through to the CJ-7,  so a search of  Jeep related accessories may turn up something..?

    I get Petersens $-Wheel & Off-Road magazine & I’ve not seen anything in that which offers overdrives, but that does’nt mean they are not out there..

    A company like Advance Adapters may be able to suggest a scource or different gear-sets for the T-18 ( I think the cogs for a T-20 fit in a T-18 case but not absolutely certain about that..)

    The axles are Dana items ( 20 on front & 40 on the rear I think it is.? ) also from the CJ range, & there are masses of aftermarket crownwheel/pinion sets available for these..

    Alternatively, 8.25×16 tyres such as the XZL Michelin used on Pinzgauers, do fit in the wheel arches & will give a 90-95mm profile casing, & will step you up a little bit..

    Of course, you loose a bit of torque with gearset/tyre changes, & speedometer will need checcking & allowance made for differences..!



    There’s someone in Portugal selling one.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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