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    It’s one crushing blow after another!!
    Has anyone got a part number for a starter motor off an umm alter 2 1992 2.5 diesel non turbo?
    There were no numbers on the old one which is beyond salvaging…



    Before you chuck it put it to one side! You may have to get it reconditioned, please note that it has a NINE tooth pinion and must not be replaced with anything else.

    The part number if you can find one is:

    Transcat (included for any owners doing a search in the future!)
    Paris Rhone – D8E57 or D11E156 (original fitment)

    Alter II
    Paris Rhone – D11E195 or DSR10516D2 (original fitment)
    Hella – CS128 (replacement)
    LUCAS – LRS 331(replacement)

    Starter motors fitted to Peugeot 504 & 505 cars that could also fit include:
    Ducellier – 6109 or 6207
    Bosch – JF2KW or 001362045
    Paris Rhone – D11E126 or D11E142 or D11E156 or D11E179

    This info I liberated from one of the old UMM Club alternative parts guides PDF – should be available on this site somewhere together with a bunch of old magazines scanned in as PDF – some of the early ones were really good with technical info and suggestions.. also an interesting read when these vehicles were available in period.

    Good luck and let us know how you get on!



    ps. I can’t see Filipe list one on his website but might be worth dropping him an email: ( – he’s been pretty helpful with getting parts for mine.


    Thanks a million, was just about to put her through m.o.t here and the starter shat itself. After the test I’m putting another engine into her. She’s non turbo at the moment and I believe 75 bhp, something with a little more poke for the hills and the rare chance I get to overtake with her.

    I’ve just emailed Filipe about an engine but if anyone knows of an engine that will work without to much stress, please let me know.

    Thanks again for the part numbers. I’ll get that ordered tomorrow..



    hi mate,no, it didn’t make any noticeable dirfefence .but i never really had any issues anyway to be honest.i know it may sound daft, but try putting the battery in the other way round so the positive end with the nipple is facing the switch .it improves things greatly for those who are getting misfires, poor connection etc etc cheersscott

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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