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    Thought it would be useful to have a forum topic for where to order your hard to get parts from.


    Vinny has recently pointed me in the direction of this supplier in Portugal, you will need to use google translate but he has ordered and received all the parts he needed.


    I’ve found filters, brake shoes, clutch master and clutch slaves from various venders on here.


    I have just sent my handbrake cables off to these guys to be remanufactured – they were recommended in one of the old UMM Club alternative parts guides. Note their address has changed since the guide was published.

    Has anyone else found any good suppliers?


    I bought a master cylinder in Faro 2 weeks ago for 19 euros +iva for my Alter2.
    Some villain had quoted me 180.

    Absolute mirror image – even down to the mounting lugs.
    And as it’s a mirror image, it is RH sided.
    But it works just fine upside down.
    But you guys probably know that already.

    If annyone know the OD of the rad fan already pliz let me know.
    My approx calc is 40cm.
    I’m looking to fit a thermostatic, save gas, save money next time when the water pump comes round to be replaced.

    I’m also looking to change the bronze age, mechanical power steering pump and reservoir for an electro-hydraulic.
    Anyone tried that one, or knows what hydraulic pressures are required to run the steering box?
    One last money saver are the door mirrors.
    Mine I bought last month for a Nissan Vanette for 14 euros the pair.
    They are black plastic, have the same mounting holes (plus some spacers) as the original UMM and are convex..
    Much better and much cheaper than UMM originals.


    Hi Les,

    Unbelievable, sounds like a crook quoting you! Easy enough to get hold of master cylinders, quite a few on ebay uk listed for Pugs.

    Be interested to hear what you get up too with the power steering.. Had mine rebuilt a couple of times.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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